Advanced Ceramics


Large-scale Production with Minimized Process Cycles

The pressing of Ceramics is a well-established technology mainly used in series production. Advanced Ceramics specializes in manufacturing high performance ceramic components, meeting the most challenging requirements using this technology.

Pressing Microwave

Pressing - a Highly Sophisticated Technology with Optimal Results

Along with being a profitable technology for large-scale production, pressing can also meet excellent tolerances: the achievable accuracy is nearly comparable to the tolerances obtained by ceramic injection molding. Complex geometries can also be realized up to a certain degree.

Shorter Production Process for More Profitability in Series Production

A specific feature of pressing is the specialized granulate that serves as the base material. Since granulate has a lower binder content, the thermal process can be considerably shortened during refinishing. This enormously speeds up the manufacturing process and leads to elevated profitability. A high degree of automation ensures more reproducibility and consistent quality.

Why Advanced Ceramics?

Medium Degree of Complexity

Reduced complexity with pressed components

Faster Processing

Specialized granulate leads to shorter thermal processing times

Economic Efficiency

Highly standardized and automated processes for large volumes

Multi-Component Press

Components with different material compositions can be simultaneously pressed into a single assembly

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