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Industry-specific applications

Medical technology

In areas where safety, precision and versatility are required, technical ceramics can fully unfold their advantages.


Security and Diversity

You have come to the right address if you are looking for medical technology components for surgical or diagnostic instruments. With our technical ceramics products, your operations become easier and more precise. Together with our partner Bosch Healthcare Solutions (BHCS), we supply components of the highest quality and accuracy for this purpose. The strict requirements of the medical technology standard ISO 13485 are thus fulfilled by us.

Why Advanced Ceramics?

Chemical resistance

Even frequent sterilisation and contact with acids or alkalis will not damage our technical ceramics.

Wear resistance

Technical ceramics guarantee a long life and have no abrasion that could enter the organism.


Technical ceramics can be used on and in the body without causing immune reactions.

Certified Production

With our partner BHCS, we are certified according to ISO 13485 for the manufacture of medical devices. This enables us to meet the high quality requirements of this industry and to supply our customers with state-of-the-art products

No allergic reactions with ceramics

A diagram showing allergy reaction statistics.

While many people can be allergic to various substances (especially metals), research has found that there is no allergy risk with technical ceramics. This represents another positive property that speaks in favour of this material, especially in the consumer goods sector.

Application examples

For gentle interventions

Bipolar scissors for high-precision operations

Bipolar scissors for high-precision operations

Significant improvement in service life thanks to Bosch Ceramics material

Field: Medical technology

Made for high demands

Significant improvement in service life thanks to Bosch Ceramics material

Graphic of lifespan

A material specially developed by Bosch Advanced Ceramics has significantly improved the strength of the blade and ensured sterilisation resistance. Bosch Advanced Ceramics thus succeeded in massively multiplying the service life of the scissor blade. In addition, the assembly of the product could be significantly simplified due to excellent shape accuracy – intensive manual grinding work is thus spared for the customer. Bosch Ceramics benefits here from its many years of experience with the manufacturing process of ceramic injection moulding which, with exact control of the process parameters, also delivers dimensionally accurate parts without reworking.

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