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Manufacturing process

3D printing, injection moulding or pressing, with finishing or without, post-processed or not: our – and thus also your – options are so diverse that it is difficult not to find the optimum component for your application.

Bosch Advanced Ceramics

Unique technology portfolio
for maximum flexibility

Manufacturing process production graphic

We develop your product further and realise it in the right manufacturing process. The simultaneous breadth and depth of know-how in ceramic production enables us to reproduce components of varying complexity. For example, pressing is a technology that is suitable for medium complexity and very high volumes, while 3D printing replicates an unrivalled level of complexity in small volumes. Assembly processes for your end product can also be realised and are competently carried out in Bosch partner plants. So whatever you need – Bosch Advanced Ceramics can make it happen.

The right technology depending on
the number of pieces and complexity

From prototypes in small quantities to large-scale production in millions, we successfully replicate the processes with consistently excellent quality. The selection of the appropriate process depends on complexity and number of pieces. This choice must be made in an informed manner: After all, the economic efficiency of manufacturing depends on it. Our aim is to offer you the perfect process for your product at the lowest cost – these are tailor-made applications that offer you added value.

The right technology depending on the number of pieces and complexity

Our manufacturing processes

One employee operates two machines that additively manufacture technical ceramics.

Ceramic 3D printing

The highly innovative 3D printing process at Bosch Ceramics is ideally suited to the rapid and uncomplicated series production of fully operational components. The process requires merely a CAD model and thus enables greatly reduced development times (time-to-market).

An employee stands in front of a row of ceramic injection moulding machines and operates a tablet computer.

Ceramic injection moulding (CIM)

Bosch Ceramics' many years of experience in ceramic injection moulding have resulted in continuous improvement of the process chain: The right choice and preparation of materials, suitable mould technology, precisely controlled injection parameters and an exact knowledge of the thermal processes ensure high quality and high precision, even for large quantities.

Two production workers can be seen from inside a press machine.


Pressing ceramics is an established technology that is mainly used for series production. In this technology, Bosch Advanced Ceramics specialises in the manufacture of high-performance ceramic components for the most demanding requirements.

further processing

In the end, the material or the manufacturing method do not play a role for us. Our promise: You get exactly the system or component you need. With the precision, quality and durability you would expect from Bosch.

An employee operates a machine for ceramic hard machining.

Green and hard machining

Of course, we can machine or process components – both before and after sintering. And entirely according to your needs.

An employee wearing protective goggles loads a machine that works with lasers.

Laser processing

Do you need specific structuring for special properties, such as aerodynamics? Then we'll be happy to fire up our lasers for you.

An employee dressed for the clean room inspects a rectangular coated ceramic component.

Functional coating

Special coatings on technical ceramics open up completely new application possibilities: Special requirements are realised, for example by applying metallic layers. Bosch Advanced Ceramics is continuously developing this higher functionalisation of ceramics.

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