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Manufacturing process

Ceramic injection moulding

Reliable series production of complex components with maximum precision.

An employee stands in front of a row of ceramic injection moulding machines and operates a tablet computer.

Our many years of experience in ceramic injection moulding have resulted in continuous improvement of the process chain: The right choice and preparation of materials, suitable mould technology, precisely controlled injection parameters and an exact knowledge of the thermal processes ensure high quality and high precision, even for large quantities. After all, Bosch started manufacturing technical ceramics 100 years ago.

Digital reproduction of an ancient patent specification.

Bosch registered the first patent for ceramic injection moulding as early as 1939

Guaranteed quality

In addition to the existing know-how from years of application, a high degree of automation is a guarantee for high reproducibility and consistent results. In this way, short cycle times are realised in the injection moulding process, the handling of the components is simplified and the manufacturing process is finally rounded off by fully automatic testing. This makes production in large quantities efficient and economical.

The advantages at a glance


In-house toolmaking for the manufacturing of highly complex moulds

End contour close

Near net shape manufacturing without rework

Economic efficiency

Highly standardised and automated processes

Multi-component CIM

Combining different materials in one component

Application examples


Bosch advanced ceramics contactholder

The best ceramic grinding disc for the best coffee

Constant grinding result.
Zero wear.
Full aroma.

Field: Consumer goods

Production process: CIM

Material: Alumina

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