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Application example

Contact holder for automotive applications

High electrical insulation even under harsh conditions

Collage of a ceramic contact holder and a person at the wheel of a car.

Fits exactly

The lambda sensor is a common component found in the exhaust system of combustion engines. It measures the oxygen content and can thus optimally control the combustion. The sensor is made of many components, some of which are made of ceramics. A clamp is needed to fix the sensor and to provide the contact between the sensor and the cable. This component must have high electrical insulation properties in order to avoid false measurement results. Only technical ceramics are worth considering when talking about a possible material that resists high temperatures and vibrations during driving. Only technical ceramics combine temperature resistance with electrical insulation.

Dimensions: 8x10,6 mm
Wall thickness: up to 0.5 mm
Diameter drill hole: 0.5 mm
Detail photos of the ceramic contact holder in two different views.

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