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Manufacturing process

Ceramic 3D printing

We are the market leader in industrial 3D printing of technical ceramics and developed this technology to series maturity.

One employee operates two machines that additively manufacture technical ceramics.

Our 3D printing process is ideally suited to produce fully operational components with complex geometry quickly and easily. The process requires merely a CAD model and thus enables greatly reduced development times (time-to-market). Ceramic 3D printing is the technology of choice for the manufacturing of functional prototypes. We have also further developed 3D printing so that high-precision series production is also possible. We have therefore established ourselves as the market leader in industrial 3D printing.

World market leader in industrial 3D printing of technical ceramics

Highly complex products through unique manufacturing method

Detail photos of the ceramic contact holder in two different views.

Using stereolithography, a variant of additive manufacturing, we can achieve unique geometries: Internal channels or complex grids, even undercuts can be finished in this way. This opens up completely new construction and design possibilities for future-oriented products. Bosch Advanced Ceramics is thus realising new possibilities in the manufacturing of technical ceramics. Unlike conventional manufacturing processes, 3D printing requires no tools – no other process can handle changes in geometry and small batches with such flexibility.

In contrast to other conventional 3D printing methods, Bosch Advanced Ceramics uses a special technology that is able to create components with a dense structure. This is crucial because a high density improves the mechanical properties of the technical ceramics. Therefore, ceramic additive manufacturing can produce fully serviceable components that are comparable to conventionally manufactured ceramic products.

The advantages at a glance

Functional ceramics

Excellent mechanical properties due to dense structure

Highly complex geometries

Unique and function-oriented component geometries can be realised immediately

Design freedom

Flexible design development without tool investments

Application examples

Chemical resistance

Mixer nozzle for highly diverse chemicals

Exact mixing without pressure loss

Production process: Ceramic 3D printing

Circulation: 100 pcs.

Material: Alumina

Hole diameter: minimal 0.15mm

Wall thickness: 0.3mm


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