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The best ceramic grinding disc for the best coffee

Zero wear. Constant grinding result. Full aroma.

Collage of a coffee machine and a ceramic grinding disc.


Leading manufacturers of fully automatic coffee machines are already convinced: Technical ceramics from Bosch Advanced Ceramics is the best material for their grinders. It impresses with its neutral taste and incomparable edge sharpness, even after many years of use. Whereas metal grinders wear out and the smallest particles can get into the coffee, ceramics remain stable due to their high level of hardness and thus guarantee 100% food safety and consistent grinding quality – for perfect coffee enjoyment for a lifetime. < br>
As a mass-produced product, grinding discs must be manufactured using mature and stable production processes. We have many years of experience in this field: We have been successfully using ceramic injection moulding (CIM) since 2005 and thus guarantee the highest quality for large quantities.

Sharp edges, even after 15 years

Impressively long service life of technical ceramics

Diagram of the service life of technical ceramics.

A direct comparison of technical ceramics with metal clearly shows the deterioration of the metal grinding disc over the increasing number of grinding cycles. This was confirmed by an independent institute in 2017, which gave the Bosch Advanced Ceramics grinding discs an excellent rating. A service life of 15 years was simulated in the endurance test. The edge sharpness remains almost constant and thus guarantees a consistent grinding result – for lasting maximum coffee enjoyment.

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