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Application example

Mixer nozzle for highly diverse chemicals

Exact mixing without pressure loss

Collage of a ceramic mixer nozzle and two people at a machine in the manufacturing hall.

Chemical resistance

Mixer nozzles are used in many industries, for example in production applications in the chemical and/or pharmaceutical industry. This often involves mixing several media with different properties and in different states of aggregation (for example gases and liquids). Mixer nozzles made of technical ceramics have various advantages: Thanks to 3D printing, flow-optimised bores down to a minimum of 150 µm are possible and very efficient to use. The nozzles are heat-resistant and wear-free, and very aggressive fluids can be mixed together due to the corrosion resistance.

Wall thickness: from 0.15 mm
Tolerance: 0.05 mm
Diameter drill hole: minimal 0.15 mm

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