Advanced Ceramics
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Advanced Ceramics. Advancing Your Life.

High performance ceramics are our passion –
Nature’s perfection is our inspiration.

Nature has perfected the art of innovation. Nowhere else will you find a faster and more effective way of adapting to the changing demands of life.

When we develop customized components made of technical ceramics, we take this achievement of nature as a model - we do this for prototypes from the 3D printer and especially for the serial production of customer-specific components.

Ceramics for every aspect of life

In order to make the world a little better and to make our customers' products unique, we use the know-how from the Bosch Group and the quality standards of our associates for our technical ceramics. We are always ready to dare a change of perspective and to develop precisely fitting ceramic systems and assemblies for our customers. We want to make this possible in all areas of life in which Bosch Advanced Ceramics can make a sustainable contribution, for example when wear resistance is required for the automotive industry or biocompatibility in medical technology.

Unmatched properties

Chamäleon mit Kermikbauteil

Adapts ideally

Nature is innovation. After all, nature is the perfect adaptation to changes. Innovative and ideally adapted – just like our technical ceramics – whether in small batches or large quantities.

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Uniquely hard

Our products are made to last. At the same time they are characterized by the unmistakable manufacturing quality that has typified the art of engineering at Bosch for over 100 years.

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Optimal interaction

When we develop a ceramic component in close collaboration with you, we not only ensure that it completely fulfills its purpose, but that we meet your expectations as well.

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Perfectly designed

Insulating, biocompatible, or extremely heat-resistant? We develop the material to make sure it does precisely what it is supposed to. No more than that, but nothing less.

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Seamless process

We take nature as our model – and bionics as our inspiration. No matter what shape or which material properties you require, we will provide you with the best solution. With our interdisciplinary team, outstanding know-how, and comprehensive service.

(Almost) everything is possible

With technical ceramics there are practically no limits when it comes to supplying you with an optimum component. Using 3D printing technology, it is simple to create all kinds of shapes using a wide variety of materials and properties. All you have to do is tell us what you need...

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