Advanced Ceramics


Our Applications

The variety of properties of Technical Ceramics are of crucial importance in multiple industries. The hardness and wear resistance of Technical Ceramics, for example, play a decisive role in industrial and automotive engineering, whereas in medical technology, biocompatibility is a decisive advantage. Versatile properties lead to versatile applications.

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Consumer Goods

Advanced Ceramics not only offers solutions for the most sophisticated technical requirements, but is also well suited for the food sector.

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Advanced Ceramics delivers reliable ceramic products that were developed for the harsh conditions in the engine bay, and can be produced with high quality and large volumes.

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Advanced Ceramics produces biocompatible products for medical instruments, that make operations easier and more precise.

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Advanced Ceramics supplies ceramic components to the mechanical engineering industry, that have to withstand the most challenging work environments.

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Advanced Ceramics manufactures ceramic components for measurement devices and sensor technology, which do more than insulating and cooling.

Uwe Schumann


Uwe Schumann
CEO Bosch Advanced Ceramics

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