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Exactly what you need

Our ceramic components leave nothing to be desired. Size, complexity, material or number of pieces do not matter to us. And therefore not for your product either. You will always receive the optimum component from us. We guarantee.

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Ceramics made by Bosch

Large materials and technology portfolio

Maximum design freedom

Unit numbers from 1 to over 100 million.

Ceramics made by Bosch

Bosch quality and experience

Certified production

Our material portfolio

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Characteristic values oxide ceramics

Characteristic values oxide ceramics

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(Almost) everything is possible – Our processing

In the end, the material or the manufacturing method do not play a role for us. Our promise: You get exactly the system or component you need. With the precision, quality and durability you would expect from Bosch.

Green and hard machining

Green and hard machining

An employee operates a machine for ceramic hard machining.

An employee wearing protective goggles loads a machine that works with lasers.

Laser processing

Do you need specific structuring for special properties, such as aerodynamics? Then we'll be happy to fire up our lasers for you.

An employee dressed for the clean room inspects a rectangular coated ceramic component.

Functional coatings

Forget about wiring. We integrate conductor structures into your component in one step – just like sensors or electrodes.

Application examples

For gentle interventions

Bipolar scissors for high-precision operations

Significant improvement in service life thanks to Bosch Ceramics material

Field: Medical technology


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