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Manufacturing process


Combining different materials in one component

Two production workers can be seen from inside a press machine.

Even when pressing is used as an economical mass production process, excellent tolerances can be produced: The achievable accuracies are almost comparable to those of components made from ceramic injection moulding. Even complex geometries can be mapped to a certain degree.

Pressing as a highly technical process with best results

Shortened manufacturing process for even more economical series production

Semi-finished ceramic product from the pressing process.

An essential feature of pressing is the starting material, a special pressed granulate: Since the granulate has a lower binder content, the thermal process for post-treatment of the component can be significantly shortened. This speeds up the manufacturing process enormously – and ensures greater economic efficiency. High reproducibility and consistent quality are ensured by a high degree of automation.

The advantages at a glance

Medium level of complexity

Pressed components are less complex

Fast process

Shortened thermal process due to special press granulate

Economic efficiency

Highly standardised and automated processes for large quantities

Multi-component press

Different materials can be pressed in one component

Application examples

Permanently impermeable

Sealing washers for various applications

The combination of impermeability and durability

Field: Industrial technology

Production process: Presses

Material: Aluminium oxide

Parallelism: 0.0025mm (25 µm)

Roughness depth: 0.001mm (1 µm)


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