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Application examples

We know that our ceramics work excellently. Above all, from the various applications that have proven themselves many times in practice. With the following examples, we want to show you what is possible.

Allow us to inspire you

Industry-specific applications

Our Applications

The variety of properties of Technical Ceramics are of crucial importance in multiple industries. The hardness and wear resistance of Technical Ceramics, for example, play a decisive role in industrial and automotive engineering, whereas in medical technology, biocompatibility is a decisive advantage. Versatile properties lead to versatile applications.

A smiling woman holds a cup in her hand.

Consumer goods

Advanced Ceramics not only offers solutions for the most sophisticated technical requirements, but is also well suited for the food sector.

A man is sitting at the wheel of a car.

Automotive engineering

Advanced Ceramics delivers reliable ceramic products that were developed for the harsh conditions in the engine bay, and can be produced with high quality and large volumes.

Four people are dressed in sterile clothes and working in an operating theatre.

Medical technology

Advanced Ceramics produces biocompatible products for medical instruments, that make operations easier and more precise.

Two employees are standing at a machine in the manufacturing department of a Bosch plant.

Industrial technology

Advanced Ceramics supplies ceramic components to the mechanical engineering industry, that have to withstand the most challenging work environments.

A man puts a laser range finder on a wall.

Electrical engineering

Advanced Ceramics manufactures ceramic components for measurement devices and sensor technology, which do more than insulating and cooling.