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Ceramic components

Manufactured to the highest precision, with the best possible know-how and entirely according to your needs, our technical ceramics leave nothing to be desired.

Two employees speak in front of a machine for quality assurance.

Components at their best

Our possibilities in terms of materials, manufacturing processes and finishing are almost unlimited. You should take advantage of this. If you wish, send us an exposé with your requirements or a technical drawing. We find the best solution for you. If you like, also a prototype at short notice.

Our material portfolio

Data sheets for download

Characteristic values oxide ceramics

Characteristic values oxide ceramics

Manufacturing process

One employee operates two machines that additively manufacture technical ceramics.

Ceramic 3D printing

The highly innovative 3D printing process at Bosch Advanced Ceramics is ideally suited to the rapid and uncomplicated series production of fully operational components. The process requires merely a CAD model and thus enables greatly reduced development times (time-to-market).

An employee stands in front of a row of ceramic injection moulding machines and operates a tablet computer.

Ceramic Injection Moulding (CIM)

Bosch Advanced Ceramics' many years of experience in ceramic injection moulding have resulted in continuous improvement of the process chain: The right choice and preparation of materials, suitable mould technology, precisely controlled injection parameters and an exact knowledge of the thermal processes ensure high quality and high precision, even for large quantities.

Two production workers can be seen from inside a press machine.


Even when pressing is used as an economical mass production process, excellent tolerances can be produced: The achievable accuracies are almost comparable to those of components made from ceramic injection moulding.

More functions desired?

Ceramic systems

We would be pleased to develop system applications based on technical ceramics together with you. Due to its material properties, technical ceramics offer ideal conditions for outstanding system applications. With our process engineers, we develop customized joining techniques and surface finishing for your system. This enables the perfect symbiosis of material and innovative system integration.

Five stages in the production of technical ceramics are symbolically represented by a ceramic powder, some feedstock, a green part, a sintered part and a finished assembly with electronic components.

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