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Ceramic systems

As much integration as necessary and as possible: If your component not only needs to be a component, but also to possess other functions, you are in competent hands with us.

Five stages in the production of technical ceramics are symbolically represented by a ceramic powder, some feedstock, a green part, a sintered part and a finished assembly with electronic components.

Systems that can do more.

Our manufacturing processes allow us to produce even complex components with extended functionality. For our customers we offer a function-oriented approach: You want component reduction, or would like to simplify an assembly? Often these can be combined in a multifunctional product. We provide you with the desired application and realize a smart ceramic product.

Two people examine ceramic components with their hands.

Combinability with other materials

With the help of appropriate joining and assembly technology, we can supplement ceramic components with metal components, for example, and thus open up completely new functionalities.

Detailed image of conductors and circuits on a ceramic component.

Intelligent components

Directly integrated sensors, active and passive components, conductor structures instead of cables, things like these make your component intelligent and other components obsolete. This saves processing steps and complexity, and pays off in every respect.

Detailed view of a coated ceramic component

Customised surfaces

Do you want your component to have special shapes or structures? Laser processing involves a large number of high-precision procedures with which the finest geometries can be reproduced in ceramics. This means that filigree structures, precise inscriptions or the targeted machining of surfaces in the μm range are no problem for us.

Our further processing options

Green and hard machining

Green and hard machining

An employee operates a machine for ceramic hard machining.

An employee wearing protective goggles loads a machine that works with lasers.

Laser processing

Do you need specific structuring for special properties, such as aerodynamics? Then we'll be happy to fire up our lasers for you.

An employee dressed for the clean room inspects a rectangular coated ceramic component.

Functional coatings

Special coatings on technical ceramics open up completely new application possibilities: Special requirements are realised, for example by applying metallic layers. Bosch Advanced Ceramics is continuously developing this higher functionalisation of ceramics.

Ceramic components at their best

Employees speak in front of a machine for quality assurance.

Ceramic components

No matter what texture, geometry or properties you need for a component, we can manufacture (almost) anything for you. In injection moulding and 3D-Printing in large quantities or in very small product series. High-temperature resistant, thermally conductive or corrosion-resistant – whatever you and your customers need.

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