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Advanced Ceramics at Ceramics Expo in Cleveland

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Advanced Ceramics combines high-volume production of a multinational corporation with the dynamics of a startup, at a global level as well. Since 2017 we have expanded into international markets and realized various projects for customers all over the world.

To strengthen this presence, Advanced Ceramics participated in the Ceramics Expo in Cleveland (USA) this year for the first time. We were pleased with the highly positive results, and we send many thanks to all the visitors and interested parties that came to our booth.

Positive feedback for Advanced Ceramics' technical ceramics and technologies

The international Ceramics Expo brings engineers, decision makers and buyers from the technical ceramic market together, offering exhibitors the chance to present the latest technologies. The annual exposition has taken place in the USA since 2013 and is one of the greatest exhibitions for technical ceramics with over 300 companies from all over the world. This year’s fair was hosted from the 31st of April to the 1st of May in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Advanced Ceramics’ exhibits focused on the possibilities of 3D-printing; only this technology makes the most complex geometries possible, such as internal channels or paper-thin translucent walls, while still providing outstanding mechanical properties. The industry’s great interest in additive manufacturing technologies is clear when one looks at the exhibitors: almost 90 of the 300 companies attending the Ceramics Expo offer 3D-printed technical ceramics. However, the promising conversations we had with our multitude of visitors proved that interest in Advanced Ceramics was significant in spite of the competition.

Our portfolio is complemented with technologies for high-volume manufacturing like ceramic injection molding (CIM) or technical ceramic pressing. Furthermore, Advanced Ceramics focuses on improving the functionalization of technical ceramics by equipping it with intelligent features. Coating the ceramic material with various metals makes it possible to adjust the electrical properties of a part with pinpoint accuracy. Advanced Ceramics not only applies established manufacturing techniques but is also driving the development and implementation of advanced technologies, following our maxim “Ceramic Innovations - Beyond the Ordinary”.