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We support you in all project phases. The optimal design of components, materials and technology intertwine. During development, during manufacturing, but also in the downstream processes all the way to shipping.

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Yes, we make ceramics. Above all, however, we also work in an interdisciplinary manner, so that you not only receive an optimal component from us, but also the best advice, sophisticated quality management and robust processes. So that you can concentrate fully on developing your business.

Our way of working: Fast. Efficient. Intelligent.

We support you in selecting the best material, the most efficient manufacturing method and the best configuration for your product. This means that you get exactly the component that optimally meets your requirements. We accompany you from the first idea to the finish, packaging and logistics.

  • Needs analysis
  • Project planning for manufacturing and delivery

  • Selection of the suitable material
  • Adaptation of the component design to the ceramic material

  • Selection of the manufacturing technology
  • Adaptation of the component design to the manufacturing process
  • Feasibility studies and simulation calculations

  • Own tool design
  • In-house toolmaking
  • Established process for preventive maintenance

  • Preventive quality management
  • Design and implementation of flexible manufacturing concepts
  • Monitoring of the manufacturing processes
  • Continuous process development
  • Scaling of production (from prototype to large-scale production)

  • Testing the product properties
  • Improvement of the product properties
  • Further development of the product through higher functionalisation
  • Documentation

Quality management

With its roots and close cooperation with the Bosch manufacturing plants, Bosch Advanced Ceramics has also adopted the Group's understanding of quality. We are only satisfied when our customers receive the best components. On the one hand, this is achieved through a preventive quality management system that standardises processes and ensures continuous improvement. Furthermore, various quality assurance processes, such as comprehensive measuring and analysis technology in our plants, take effect after manufacturing.

Quality management in the manufacturing network

A man gives a presentation in front of a group of people and points to a screen.

Our manufacturing plants are certified according to various standards: The partner plants are certified in quality management according to ISO 9001 as well as in environmental (ISO 14001), occupational health and safety (OHSAS 18001) and energy management (ISO 50001). Compliance with the automotive standard IATF 16949 is also no challenge for the Bosch Ceramics manufacturing network. Regulated product development and sample processes with test reports are standard, as are production improvement methods such as Six Sigma, Lean Management or SPC. Constant checks on machine, process and series capability ensure that only the best and most stable processes are used in production.

Quality assurance

To ensure the quality of the parts, Bosch Advanced Ceramics has various testing methods and measuring equipment at its disposal, including its own precision measuring room. A wide variety of measuring tasks can thus be realised according to your wishes.

  • Surface and contour measurement
  • Optical determination of shape and position tolerances
  • Non-contact measurement of flatness, roughness and tread depth
  • Length, diameter, angle can be measured tactilely or optically
  • Residual stress, phase and texture analyses using X-ray diffractometer XRD
  • Residual dirt particle analysis
An employee examines a ceramic component under a digital microscope for quality assurance.

Bosch Advanced Ceramics quality assurance portfolio

Automated measuring processes or visual inspection are also possible. We have special equipment for specific analysis tasks:

  • Optical measurement of length, diameter, angle
  • Tactile measurement of diameter
  • Multi-sensor with fibre probe, zoom, optics, tactile probe and laser

  • High-resolution images of microstructures and contours
  • High accuracy due to vacuum
  • Material and filter analyses

  • Fully automated component testing
  • Sampling or 100% inspection possible

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