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Industry-specific applications

Automotive engineering

Especially in automotive technology, ceramic components and systems offer a wide range of applications – and have done so ever since we invented the ceramic spark plug.

A man is sitting at the wheel of a car.

Consistency and reliability

In the automotive industry, the requirements for components are particularly high: Manufacturers are looking for reliable suppliers who can deliver high and consistent quality in large quantities. In addition, certifications are also required, for example in accordance with ISO 9001 or IATF16949, which the Bosch Group naturally possesses. Our customers are looking for components that can withstand the challenging conditions in the engine compartment, but also materials that can be used for alternative drives such as the fuel cell.


Corrosion resistance

Technical ceramics are resistant in contact with aggressive agents such as coolant or fuel.

Wear resistance

The excellent mechanical properties of technical ceramics ensure low abrasion and a long service life even under heavy loads.

High-temperature strength

Technical ceramics withstand the high temperatures in the combustion engine.

Certified production

The Bosch plants in Bamberg and Blaichach are certified according to IATF16949 for manufacturing in the automotive industry. Here too, we can meet the high requirements for quality and stable processes.

Low thermal expansion at high temperatures

Impressively long service life of technical ceramics

Diagram comparing the service life with other substances.

The excellent suitability of technical ceramics at high temperatures is also reflected in the strength diagram: No other material retains such high flexural strength, even well above 1000°C. The high-performance material is also excellently suited for additional influences such as high pressure or corrosive media. Added to this is the low thermal expansion: The ceramic hardly expands when strongly heated and is resistant to strong temperature changes. For engine components, service life plays a decisive role: If a component fails too early, high costs for repairs sometimes arise.

Application examples

Fits exactly

Contact holder for automotive applications

Contact holder for automotive applications

High electrical insulation even under harsh conditions

Industry: Automotive engineering

Production process: Ceramic injection moulding (CIM)

Dimensions: 8x10,6mm

Wall thickness: up to 0.5mm

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