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Case Study: Stiwa Automation GmbH

pressing technical ceramics in a plant

Professional 3D Printing of Technical Ceramics in mass production Complicated geometry, longest service life in high-performance automation, wear-resistant components, mass production in large quantities - these requirements for the dosing needle are met by Advanced Ceramics with 3D Printing.

Special geometry can only be produced with ceramic 3D Printing

For a highly automated bonding procedure metal dosing needles have been used so far, these are components for the exact dosing of an highly viscose adhesive. Here, particularly durable and wear-resistant components are needed. Because downtime of production lines causes enormous costs, the service life of the installed parts is of great importance.

Advanced Ceramics developed in close cooperation with the manufacturer STIWA an alternative dosing needle made of Technical Ceramics with the 3D Printing.

To convey the adhesive accurately and continuously, it must flow through the bore with little friction. Since it is an internal cone, no subsequent processing of the surface can take place: The manufacturing process must already have the required accuracy. Again, this requirement is not a problem for the 3D-Printing process of Advanced Ceramis.

'…Only with the ceramic 3D Printing from Advanced Ceramics we could realize the special geometry paired with the high demands on tolerances and surface of the dosing needle. Therefore Advanced Ceramics provides the best and most economical solution for us…'
Christian Köpfle – Engineering Automation – STIWA Automation GmbH

Economical solutions with exact geometry in Bosch quality

Rooted in Bosch, Advanced Ceramics not only cooperates closely with the Bosch manufacturing plants but has also adopted its commitment to quality. We are not satisfied until the customers receive the best components. Within an international network, Advanced Ceramics delivers now the dosing needle in large quantities worldwide. The standardized series production in 3D Printing of Technical Ceramics enables economical solutions for our customers.