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Bipolar scissors for high-precision operations

Significant improvement in service life thanks to Bosch Advanced Ceramics material


For gentle interventions

With our medical technology products made from technical ceramics, your operations become easier and more precise. For this purpose, together with our partner Bosch Healthcare Solutions (BHCS), we supply components of the highest quality and accuracy in accordance with the strict requirements of the medical technology standard ISO 13485. Our bipolar scissors for high-frequency surgery enable tissue to be cut while simultaneously achieving haemostasis: High-frequency current flowing through two metallic scissor halves heats up the tissue and seals it. This makes the operation faster and safer by eliminating the need to switch to supplementary instruments. To ensure that the two metallic blades do not cause a short circuit when the scissors are closed, they must be separated by an insulator. Only technical ceramics are suitable for this application: No other material fulfils the requirements for abrasion resistance, insulation properties as well as hardness and sharpness of the blade to such a high degree.

Bore diameter:

minimum 0,15 mm
Wall thickness:

minimum0,05 mm

0,02 mm (0,5%)

Made for high demands

Significant improvement in service life thanks to Bosch Advanced Ceramics material


A material specially developed by Bosch Advanced Ceramics has significantly improved the strength of the blade and ensured sterilisation resistance. Bosch Advanced Ceramics thus succeeded in massively multiplying the service life of the scissor blade. In addition, the assembly of the product could be significantly simplified due to excellent shape accuracy – intensive manual grinding work is thus spared for the customer. Bosch Advanced Ceramics benefits here from its many years of experience with the manufacturing process of ceramic injection moulding which, with exact control of the process parameters, also delivers dimensionally accurate parts without reworking.

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