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Application example

Optics carrier for high-precision measurements at long distance

Form stable optical unit for best measurement results

Collage of a ceramic optics carrier and a man applying a laser range finder to a wall.

Precisely measured

In the electrical engineering market, we mainly work with customers who are looking for components for measuring instruments and sensor technology. The more complex the component, the more important the perfect interaction of the components is here. Our optics carrier, for example, is the heart of a professional laser rangefinder. Several optical lenses are mounted on the carrier and have to be positioned exactly in relation to each other. This requires tight tolerances in the manufacturing process. Due to the low thermal expansion of the technical ceramics, the unit remains stable even with strong temperature fluctuations and thus guarantees the highest measuring precision.

Wall thickness: up to 1.5 mm

Highest measuring accuracy on the market

Perfect coordination of manufacturing processes

A graph showing the measurement accuracy of the carrier

In contrast to a carrier made of plastic, our technical ceramics achieve a much higher measuring accuracy and can be used for much greater distances. The unit thus offers the largest measuring range on the market for comparable units: A measuring accuracy of ± 1 mm at a distance of 250 metres, even under fluctuating ambient conditions, is thus achieved.

Five stages in the production of technical ceramics are symbolically represented by a ceramic powder, some feedstock, a green part, a sintered part and a finished assembly with electronic components.
The images show, from left to right, the CIM production cycle: raw material, compounded feedstock, green part, sintered part, and a finished assembly

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