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Industry-specific applications

Consumer goods

Discover the wide range of applications for ceramic components and systems in the consumer goods sector.

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Variable applications with technical ceramics

The consumer goods market is characterised by a wide variety of application possibilities and requirements. Our customers in this area are often looking for applications for high temperatures, heavy wear resistance or applications in contact with cleaning agents. The feel and visual appearance can also play a role. Bosch Advanced Ceramics offers solutions for these requirements with its technical ceramics.

Why Advanced Ceramics?

Chemical resistance

Aggressive cleaning agents cannot harm technical ceramics.


The extreme hardness and wear resistance of technical ceramics extend the service life many times over.

Heat Resistance

Technical ceramics can withstand high temperatures up to over 1500°C.

Suitable for food contact

Technical ceramics are convincing in the food sector with their neutral taste.</

Appealing haptics and optics

The unique structure and high quality surface make technical ceramics aesthetically pleasing.

Application examples


Bosch advanced ceramics contactholder

The best ceramic grinding disc for the best coffee

Constant grinding result.
Zero wear.
Full aroma.

Field: Consumer goods

Production process: CIM

Material: Alumina

Sharp edges, even after 15 years

Impressively long service life of technical ceramics

Diagram showing the service life of the technical ceramics.

A direct comparison of technical ceramics with metal clearly shows the serious deterioration of the metal grinding disc over the increasing number of grinding cycles. This was confirmed by an independent institute in the year 2017, which gave the Bosch Advanced Ceramics grinding discs an excellent rating. The edge sharpness remains constant and thus ensures a consistent grinding result – for the highest and longest-lasting excellent coffee enjoyment.

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