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Industry-specific applications

Industrial technology

When long service life and good compatibility with other materials are required, technical ceramics are unsurpassed.


Wear resistant and corrosion-resistant

In the field of industrial technology, the service life of wear parts is essential: In the event of damage, an entire production line can come to a standstill and cause high costs. Technical ceramics offer the best wear resistance, even in contact with corrosive or abrasive media. Therefore, nozzles, valves or seals made of technical ceramics are often used, for example in chemical pumps. Bosch Advanced Ceramics also produces precision components, such as those used in dosing and conveying technology for pharmaceutical products or foodstuffs. Espescially for moving part, Bosch Advanced Ceramics can provide polished surfaces and is offering ideal conditions for tribological applications as well.

Why Advanced Ceramics?

Corrosion resistance

Technical ceramics also offer long service lives in contact with corrosive media.

Wear resistance

Technical ceramics reduce downtime and prevent contamination in the food and pharmaceutical sectors due to their high abrasion resistance.

Temperature resistance

For high-temperature processes, our technical ceramics are suitable for temperatures up to 1700 degrees Celsius.


The extreme hardness of technical ceramics decisively extends the service life of tools and guide parts.

High economic efficiency due to longer service life

Total cost of ownership

Diagram showing costs over time.

In contrast to metal, technical ceramics initially incur higher material costs. In the long run, however, the advantage of ceramic components becomes apparent: Due to the longer service life, maintenance costs remain lower and downtimes are less frequent. If the metal part has to be replaced, there will also be additional material costs. Ceramics, on the other hand, can be used permanently even under challenging conditions and are therefore more profitable in the long run. In this case the total costs are lower.

Hardly to be surpassed in hardness

A diagram of the hardness of ceramic materials.

Technical ceramics are harder than all common materials except diamond. And in some cases by a hundredfold. So if a component is in long-term continuous use, its material is characterised by an optimal price-performance ratio.

Application examples

Right to the point

Dosing needles for automated bonding process

Dosing needles for automated bonding process

Special geometry only producible in ceramic 3D printing

Field: Industrial technology

Process: 3D-printing

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