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Industry-specific applications

Electrical engineering

Ceramic components and systems are excellent for electrotechnical applications because they insulate and are heat-resistant and also suitable for cooling.

A man puts a laser range finder on a wall.

Precise and multifunctional

In the electrical engineering market, Bosch Advanced Ceramics works primarily with customers who are looking for components for measuring instruments and sensor technology. Technical ceramics can fulfil various functions here, for example as a heat sink, possibly with channels for a circulating cooling medium, or as an insulator to shield electricity and electromagnetic radiation. Some materials have an additional special property at high temperatures. In all these areas, precise manufacturing of the ceramic components is of particular importance: not only for measuring instruments, but also for state-of-the-art camera systems.

Why Advanced Ceramics?

Electrical insulation

Technical ceramics have an electrically insulating effect.


The high precision in production and the low thermal expansion of Technical Ceramics can be applied to increase the measurement accuracy of devices and sensors.

Enhanced Functionalization

By selectively applying metallic layers, conductor and sensor functions can be integrated.

Application examples

Precisely measured

Optics carriers for high-precision measurements at long distance

Optics carriers for high-precision measurements at long distance

Form stable optical unit for best measurement results

Field: Electronics

Manufacturing process: Ceramic Injection Moulding (CIM)

Material: Alumina

Wall thickness: up to 1,5mm

Highest measuring accuracy on the market

A graph showing how accurate the ceramic optics carrier is.

In contrast to a carrier made of plastic, our technical ceramics achieve a much higher measuring accuracy and can be used for much greater distances. The unit thus offers the largest measuring range on the market, a measuring accuracy of ± 1 mm at a distance of 250 metres, even under fluctuating ambient conditions, is thus achieved.

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