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Industry-specific applications

We meet the highest technical requirements – regardless of the industry: With our toolkit of versatile manufacturing processes, the possibilities for further processing and higher functionalisation, and the corresponding certifications, we are equipped for almost all requirements.

A smiling woman holds a cup in her hand.

Consumer goods

Bosch Advanced Ceramics offers applications for the highest technical requirements with simultaneous suitability for the food sector.

A man is sitting at the wheel of a car.

Automotive engineering

Bosch Advanced Ceramics supplies reliable ceramic products developed for the harsh conditions in the engine compartment, in consistently high quality and large quantities.

Four people are dressed in sterile clothes and working in an operating theatre.

Medical technology

Bosch Advanced Ceramics manufactures biocompatible products for medical instruments that make operations easier and more precise.

Two employees are standing at a machine in the manufacturing department of a Bosch plant.

Industrial technology

Bosch Advanced Ceramics serves the mechanical and plant engineering industry with ceramic components that withstand the most demanding working environments.

A man puts a laser range finder on a wall.

Electrical engineering

Bosch Advanced Ceramics manufactures ceramic components for measuring devices and sensor technology that can do more than just insulate or cool.

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