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Bosch Advanced Ceramics

The company

Technical ceramics – comprehensively thought-out and made

Aerial view of the Bosch plant in Blaichach/Immenstadt on the River Iller.

What distinguishes us

We bundle the competencies from various divisions and plants of Robert Bosch GmbH to make them available to our customers. To this end, we work closely with the manufacturing and Bosch research departments in Renningen. Bosch Advanced Ceramics itself coordinates the cooperation and is in contact with the customers.

We are Bosch Advanced Ceramics

What makes Bosch Advanced Ceramics special is the diversity of our business model: Various teams from the fields of manufacturing, assembly, research and development at the various Bosch locations work together with Bosch Advanced Ceramics on the common task of further developing technical ceramics and supplying our customers with the best products.

  • Portrait of Sophie Berninger
    Sophie Berninger | CEO
  • Portrait of Nikolai Sauer
    Nikolai Sauer | CTO
  • Portrait of Ashu Sharma
    Ashu Sharma | Head of Sales
  • Portrait of Francois Beauchaud
    Francois Beauchaud | Sales US
  • Portrait of Iris Heibel
    Iris Heibel | Sales EU
  • Portrait of Klaus Prosiegel.
    Klaus Prosiegel | Sales EU
  • Portrait of Eric Nie.
    Eric Nie | Sales CN
  • Portrait of Malte Hartmann.
    Malte Hartmann | Additive Manufacturing
  • Portrait of Felix Roesler
    Felix Roesler | Additive Manufacturing
  • Portrait of Johannes Noll
    Johannes Noll | Additive Manufacturing
  • Portrait of Gordian Kramer
    Gordian Kramer | Engineering & CIM
  • Portrait of Florian Lutz
    Florian Lutz | Finance & Controlling
  • Portrait of Magdalena Haberstock
    Magdalena Haberstock | Supply Chain
  • Portrait of Dejan Licinovic
    Dejan Licinovic | Quality Manager
  • Portrait of Emrah Elci
    Emrah Elci | Process supervisor for the production

Our expertise network

From our company headquarters in Immenstadt, we coordinate the cooperation with the plants: Ceramic manufacturing takes place in Blaichach and Bamberg, while assembly processes for complete products are carried out in Straubing. The Bosch research campus in Renningen is our contact point for cooperation in the field of development.

  • Aerial view of the plant in Blaichach/Immenstadt
    Immenstadt | Sales, Engineering, Purchasing, Marketing, Manufacturing
  • Aerial view of the plant in Bamberg.
    Bamberg | Manufacturing
  • Aerial view of the Straubing plant.
    Straubing | Assembly
  • The building in Renningen where the development department is located.
    Renningen | Development

Extensive certification

Our manufacturing plants are certified according to various standards

ISO 9001

Unusual for a start-up, but indispensable for us: Certification to the general quality standard proves our commitment to quality – for the best products.

IATF 16949

The Bosch plants in Bamberg and Blaichach are certified for manufacturing in the automotive industry. Here too, we can meet the high requirements for quality and stable processes.

ISO 13485

With our partner BHCS, we are certified for the manufacture of medical devices. This enables us to meet the high quality requirements of this industry and to supply our customers with state-of-the-art products.

ISO 14001

Environmental management

OHSAS 18001

Occupational health and safety management

ISO 50001

Energy management


At the beginning of the 20th century, mass production of the groundbreaking Bosch spark plug began, and in 1939 Bosch applied for the first patent for injection moulding of technical ceramics. Bosch Advanced Ceramics was founded as a start-up in 2016 to bundle Bosch competencies in technical ceramics and drive developments forward.

Bosch applied for the first patent for ceramic injection moulding as early as 1939.
Group photo of Bosch Advanced Ceramics (formerly Cerix) employees

Experience meets innovation

Bosch Advanced Ceramics was founded in 2016 as CERIX and is part of grow platform GmbH, Bosch's own home for global start-ups and intrapreneurs. With the support of grow, we started as an idea and have evolved into one of the market leaders in ceramic 3D printing. At grow, we benefit from a global network, systematic support in our business development and form innovation hubs that pave our way to becoming an independent business unit. This allows us to use the know-how of a global player and at the same time retain the flexibility of a start-up – for optimal processes and outstanding technical ceramics.

Top view of an assembly and production line in a Bosch plant.

Bosch Advanced Ceramics has its origins in the Bosch plant in Blaichach, which has been manufacturing for the automotive sector for many years. These advantages stand us in good stead: Producing components with quantities in the millions in the highest and most consistent quality is our standard. In line with this standard, we manufacture the most sophisticated products from technical ceramics and develop innovative manufacturing processes so that customers can use our know-how in the application of state-of-the-art processes for the production of their innovative products.

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