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Application example

Wheatstone ceramic bridge

For undistorted measurement results

Collage of a ceramic component with circuits and electric wires and a man applying a laser range finder to a wall.

Constant and undistorted

Special coatings on technical ceramics open up completely new application possibilities. Either the existing properties are improved, for example by applying friction-reducing layers, or entirely new properties are added. For example, ceramics – actually an insulating material – can be made selectively conductive by applying metallic layers. These layers are permanently bonded to the ceramic base material by sintering. The ceramic can thus be used for completely new applications. Our Wheatstone bridge, for example, is used in the field of pressure sensors and measures even the smallest changes in deflection. And it does this permanently and constantly. And unlike electrical insulation or a metal resistor, the signal cannot be distorted with technical ceramics.

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