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Full Service

Full Service

Everything from a Single Source: Our Approach to Comprehensive Service

What makes Advanced Ceramics special is the wide variety of its business model. Interdisciplinary teams collaborate to further develop Technical Ceramics in order to provide the best products for our customers. This variety is also reflected in our technologies that we constantly enhance to complete our portfolio and enable you to optimize your production. We offer more than just manufacturing: our commitment to quality and the intensive support for our customers and their products during the engineering process complete the Advanced Ceramics service offer, making it a full-service package.

Full Service

Outstanding Technology Portfolio for Maximum Flexibility

We further develop your product and incorporate the appropriate manufacturing process. The simultaneous depth and breadth of our know-how about manufacturing with ceramics qualifies us to reproduce components of different complexity. Pressing, for example is a technology adapted for medium complexity and very high volumes, whereas 3D Printing enables an unequaled degree of complexity with small lot sizes. Assembling processes for the final product are also feasible and will be competently carried out in our Bosch partner plants. Whatever you need, with Advanced Ceramics it can be realized.

Full Service

The Correct Technology for your Volumes and Complexity

From prototypes in small volumes to series production of millions of parts, we successfully implement processes with consistently excellent quality. The selection of the appropriate technology depends on complexity and lot size. This selection has to be well-founded, as the economic efficiency of the production depends on it. Our target is to offer the perfect manufacturing process for your product at the lowest cost, tailor-made solutions offering you added value.

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