Advanced Ceramics

Medical Technology

Safety with Technical Ceramics

Customers from the medical industry looking for components for surgical and diagnostical instruments are at the right place with us. Your surgeries will be easier and more precise using products made of Technical Ceramics. For this purpose we supply components of the utmost quality and precision in cooperation with our partner Bosch Healthcare Solutions (BHCS). We therefore meet the strict requirements of the medical standard ISO 13485.

Why Advanced Ceramics?


Technical Ceramics can be used for applications inside and on the body without triggering any immune reactions.

Chemical Stability

Even frequent sterilization and contact with acid or brine do not damage our Technical Ceramics.

Resistance to Wear

Technical Ceramics guarantee a long service life and do not wear, giving off particles that might end up in the human body.

Case Study: Scissor Blades

Scissor Blades

Bipolar Scissors for High-Precision Operations

Special instruments in electrosurgery enable cutting through tissue with simultaneous hemostasis: the tissue is warmed and sealed by high-frequency electronic current that flows through the two metallic scissor blades. This leads to faster and safer operations, as it is not necessary to change to a second medical instrument.

Technical Ceramics meet the Highest Requirements of the Medical Field

To prevent a short circuit when closing the metal scissor blades, they have to be separated by an isolator. Only Technical Ceramics are possible here, since no other material meets all of the requirements so perfectly: abrasion resistance and insulation, as well as blade hardness and sharpness.

Service Life of a Scissor Blade

graph of materials

Substantial Increase of Service Life with Advanced Ceramics Materials

Using material which was especially developed by Advanced Ceramics, blade stability was considerably improved and resistance to sterilization ensured. Advanced Ceramics succeeded in multiplying the service life of scissor blades enormously. Furthermore, it is much easier now to assemble the product because of its dimensional accuracy: the customer does not need to carry out any time-consuming manual grinding. Advanced Ceramicsbenefits here from their long years of experience in Ceramic Injection Molding, delivering dimensionally accurate parts that do not require any refinishing operations in processes with precisely controlled parameters.

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