Advanced Ceramics


Versatility with Technical Ceramics

In the electronics industry Advanced Ceramics mainly deals with customers looking for components for measuring devices and sensor technology. Here, Technical Ceramics can fulfill various functions, for example as cooling elements, possibly equipped with channels for circulating coolant or as an isolator to shield against electricity or electromagnetic radiation. Some materials feature special properties that are relevant for high temperatures; here, Technical Ceramics have a conductive function and can be applied for special purposes in the field of sensor technology. In all of these areas, extremely precise ceramic component production is of vital importance, not only for measuring devices, but also for state-of-the-art camera systems

Why Advanced Ceramics?

Electrical Insulation

Technical Ceramics shield against electromagnetic radiation.


The high precision in production and the low thermal expansion of Technical Ceramics enhance the measuring accuracy of devices and sensors.

Enhanced Functionalization

By superimposing metallic layers, conductive and sensory functions may be integrated.

Case Study: Lens Carrier

Lens Carrier

Application for Highly Precise Long-Distance Measurements

The lens carrier is the centerpiece of professional laser distance measuring equipment. Several optical lenses are assembled on the lens carrier, which have to be positioned with utmost precision. Here, the production is subject to strict tolerances. Furthermore, the ceramic part must provide a barrier against electromagnetic waves so that the measurement is not affected by interfering frequencies. Due to the low heat expansion of Technical Ceramics, the unit remains stable even with high temperature changes, guaranteeing the highest level of measuring accuracy.

Perfectly Aligned Production Process

The more complex the product, the more important the seamless interaction of the components. Advanced Ceramics combines material know-how with Ceramic Injection Molding expertise, and achieves highly precise structures in line with the customer requirements.

Highest Measurement Accuracy in the Market

graph of materials

In contrast to plastic carriers, Technical Ceramics are capable of fundamentally higher measurement accuracy and can be implemented over much larger distances. The equipment can achieve the largest measuring distance in the market among comparable devices, reaching an accuracy of ± 1 mm at a distance of 250 meters, even under fluctuating environmental conditions.

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