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Consumer Goods

A Plethora of Solutions with Technical Ceramics

The consumer goods market is characterized by a huge variety of application possibilities. Our customers in this market often look for solutions that can handle high temperatures, rough conditions, or contact with heavy-duty cleaning agents. Surface feel and appearance may also be important. With our Technical Ceramics, Advanced Ceramics offers solutions to meet these requirements.

Why Advanced Ceramics?

Heat Resistance

Technical Ceramics can withstand temperatures above 1500°C.

Fit for Food Contact

Technical Ceramics stands out in the food sector as they have no impact on flavor.


The high hardness and wear resistance of Technical Ceramics extend their lifespan.

Chemical Durability

Heavy-duty cleaning agents do not impact Technical Ceramics.

Surface Feel and Appearance

The unique structure and smooth surface enhances the aesthetics of Technical Ceramics.

Case Study: The Best Grinder for the Best Coffee

contact holder model

Global Market Leader for Grinders

More and more leading manufacturers of fully-automated coffeemakers are becoming convinced: Advanced Ceramics Technical Ceramics are the best materials for grinders. They triumph by not affecting flavor and have an incomparable edge sharpness that lasts after multiple years of use. Where metal grinders chafe, releasing small particles into the coffee, ceramics remain stable due to their extreme hardness, and therefore are 100% guaranteed to be safe for food.

Functional and Economical

As a serial-produced product, grinders need to be manufactured in a very tightly-controlled process. Advanced Ceramics brings many years of experience to this field, successfully utilizing Ceramic Injection Molding since 2005, guaranteeing high quality for larges volumes.

Sharp Edges even after 15 Years!

graph of materials

A direct comparison with Technical Ceramics shows that metal grinders experience significant degradation in the grinding cycle. This was confirmed in 2017 by an independent study, providing an excellent testimonial for CERIX grinders. The sharpness of the edges is constant and guarantees a consistent grind, for a consistently excellent coffee experience.

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